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About Photography by Geoff Cloake

Film scanning and the digital age offer greater control over images and was catalyst For Geoff’s "OUR LAND" series of South Island panoramas – currently at 70.  Having early mastered the personal computer he now revels in the very latest equipment and methods of photographic processing.

With about 500 fine art prints and image rights sold, Geoff’s profile as a photographer and artist is well established in South Canterbury, becoming an asset to his business which in turn continues to ‘sponsor’ the next extension into each Emerging technology and the arts.  Renewed effort is being put into photojournalism too, as he is also aiming for some exciting assignments in the future.   Meanwhile, he is developing presentations and assisting with workshops to help others in the way that others have helped him.

the client photography comes under the Aoraki Development Ltd umbrella and is another service is available to their extensive client portfolio, if you need high quality photography of products & services in south canterbury, please contact geoff or his daughter Roselyn for more information on the services that they provide.


PHENOMINA photography

Stock Images

events photography

commission photography

photography specs


our land photography

Our land Photography

Fine art prints available framed or pouched. You may view my OUR LAND series of South Island (NZ) landscape panoramas here. They retail as fine art photographic prints in conservation pouches or SOLiD timber frames - details here. Many photographs are also available as stock images

PHENOMENA photography

PHENOMINA photography

Geoff's fine art focus is developing from landscapes to very special events associated with "OUR LAND". These events include atmospheric and meteorological phenomena, and night sky phenomena like the aurora and comets that are photographable with out telescopes.

Stock Images

Stock Images

Geoff is accumulating an extensive Range of images on his Photography web site which are available for purchase as prints or fully prepared digital image files. Transparencies are usually scanned on a Canon FS4000 film scanner, but can be drum scanned for an additional fee. Images are optimized and retouched in Adobe Photoshop. Original transparencies are not normally be provided.

Photography after September 2005 is originated on a 13 megapixel Canon EOS 5D. All these images are optimized in RAW Shooter or Adobe Lightroom but can be provided in RAW format if required. The exception is when images have been 'stitched' to form larger resolution files or merged for higher dynamic range..

Files are supplied as per Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines.

Here is a basic calculator that may guide you on pricing expected.

New images are being constantly being added including a significant collection dating back to the 1970s Please contact if a special selection of images is required. A search fee & overhead charges may apply if images are not purchased.

A guide print can also be provided on request. Please note, accurate viewing and reproduction depend on the recipient properly applying ICC color management and viewing under standard daylight conditions..

Cost for usage will depend on the images selected and intended use. When enquiring, please provide details such as: usage, print run, page size & placement, duration & location of usage to assist pricing.

Quotes will normally be provided for one-off use only. Additional printing or other use would be subject to a new purchase. Alternatively, rights may be purchased for unlimited and/or exclusive use.

Apart from retouching, no alteration, modification, addition to or subtraction from any of the accompanying images is permitted without prior written consent.

Where applicable credit is to be given to "Photography by Geoff Cloake" - preferably as a hyperlink to my site when used in electronic form.


Property and Model Release

No attempt is usually made to gain signed release from people (or their property) who are predominantly featured in the photography web site. Accordingly such images can only be used for editorial purposes and be from a public location. Signed releases may be obtainable in many cases as friends, family, clients and acquaintances are often featured.


events photography

events photography

Geoff Also enjoys photographing events and people. photos from many events can be seen in his Events gallery here. My Photofolio picture gallery contains my favorite images here

commission photography

commission photography

We shoot on a Canon EOS 5D in raw file format for optimum control and results.

images are then cropped, optimized and specially prepared for any medium required; ie print, web, etc..

On request, for a small additional cost, we can make the photo shoot available on our client web site - photography section. advertisers, media etc. can be referred here to select and request images via CD-Rom / DVD E-Mail on your behalf.

If you would like to see more of Geoff’s photography please visit:
For examples of our clients photo shoots please click client portfolio

photography specs


We will write up a brief specific to your assignment

Required Photography:

We are capable of a very wide range of assignments except large studio work. We specialise in promotional and fine art photography.


No travel charge for inside the timaru boundary. standard travel & mileage rate will apply for out of town.

Copy write:

Assignable to client or licence options

Original file format:

Digital image in Canon .cr2 (Raw) file format


Cropped, optimized & prepared for print & web

File Information:

Camera information (EXIF) & photography information (IPTC) is imbedded in each file

Supplied as:

Digital File. CD-Rom, DVD or E-Mail

File formats:

.tiff & .jpeg file/s


300 & 72 dpi

Colour Profile:

AdoBe RGB & srgb. CMYK only special request

Web Preview:

By special request we can upload photo shoots to the client section of our web site for preview . For examples of some of our clients photo shoots please click client portfolio


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quotation

commission photography


Most images on OUR sites are available as print and hi-res digital reproductions. Please enquire to to discuss your needs. All rights reserved - unauthorised use of any image and other creative work in this site is strictly forbidden. Please look here for more information. Our disclaimer and other statements are also here